About us


What is SCI?

SCI is an umbrella organisation for Swedish Chambers of Commerce abroad. We consist of over 30 Swedish Chambers from all over the world, spanning hundreds of companies across five continents. Whether you are a Swedish company wishing to expand abroad, or if you are a foreign organisation wishing to explore the incredible business possibilities in Sweden, SCI is ready to provide you with the network. Your international journey starts here.

What do we do?

Activities vary from year to year, but some examples of key SCI initiatives include:

  • SCI Day: Our member chambers gather annually during the SCI Day to exchange ideas, participate in workshops, and increase knowledge-sharing across borders.
  • Webinars: SCI webinars are online events organized by three or more SCI members to spread awareness about Swedish trade and inspire players active in international business. These webinars are open for all, and sign-ups are posted on the SCI platforms.
  • Global Business Climate Survey: Together with Business Sweden, SCI publishes an annual report that offers a bird’s eye view on how Swedish businesses are doing worldwide.
  • Connecting you to the world: Using our vast geographical coverage, we can connect to markets all over the world. You can find all our members below, only one klick away.

The Swedish Chambers of Commerce

Export and international trade have been – and still is – an important part of Sweden’s success story. It plays a pivotal role for not only fostering Sweden’s economic growth and competitiveness, but also for global sustainable practices and innovation capacities. The first Swedish Chamber of Commerce was opened back in 1902, and since then, Sweden has expanded its international presence and dedication. Today, the SCI network gives you access to news, inspiration, and stories from every corner of the world.

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SCI Board members

The SCI Board consist of 12 members, representing 11 different countries over 4 continents. Board members meet regularly to shape the strategic plan for the SCI network. These are the current members of the SCI Board:

  • Brazil
  • France
  • China
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Stockholm
  • Germany
  • New York
  • Washington
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Singapore